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All information in appendices is referenced the same way as in the body of assignments.  You need to include in-text citation in the appendix, then the full details go into the reference list for the assignment. 

The appendix (or if there is more than one, appendices) go after the reference list, and in lettered Appendix A, Appendix B etc.

Tables are generally included in an appendix but there may be variation with some assignments. 

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  1. Are we supposed to use letters or numbers for appendices? In "Communication Skills Handbook" by Summers & Smith it says numbers but this post says letters??
    by Tricia on 03 Nov 2018.
  2. Hi Tricia,
    This is a good question. The Communications Handbook is based on the Harvard style which means that some aspects (eg. referencing, tables & figures, labeling appendices) will be different as we use APA style. The general assignment information is useful and relevant in the handbook. However, there are some differences relating to the style. Always check the APA Referencing Guidelines and the LibANSWERS/Referencing FAQs (as you have) when you're not sure, and follow these.
    by Kristie Jones (Brisbane) on 05 Nov 2018.

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