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The new Windows 10 browser, Microsoft Edge, will come up with an error when trying to download Mendeley. To avoid this, install Chrome (or another browser) and download Mendeley using this instead. 

Adding the Web Importer in Microsoft Edge is slightly tricky as Edge doesn't currently support drag and drop.  You could use Chrome or another browser instead. However, there is also a work around:

1. Going to in Edge
2. Clicking the hamburger icon → Open in Internet Explorer
3. Adding the bookmarklet to Internet Explorer’s bookmarks bar
4. Going back to Edge, turning the Favorites bar on and then importing bookmarks from Internet Explorer (there are instructions on how to do this at 

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  1. I find the topic heading misleading and feel it should be changed to reflect content as heading implies content will be around the use of the said software and while it provides some instructions on how to install the said programme on a windows 10 computer it really provides no assistance in terms of using the software
    by J Dakic on 01 Jan 2018.
  2. Good point. I will change the heading now to reflect this.
    by Kristie Jones (Brisbane) on 02 Jan 2018.

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