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The APA referencing style requires you to include the format in the reference. In Mendeley, choose the ‘Film’ type. Include the format at the end of the title in square brackets eg. [Video file]. You will only be able to include the Year, not the day and month as required by APA. The Mendeley reference will look slightly different from the manual reference. Both are permitted.


Manual reference using APA:

4PromoteChannel. (2013, July 24). Coca-Cola’s new health advertising campaign [Video file]. Retrieved



Mendeley reference using APA:

4PromoteChannel. (2013). Coca-Cola’s new health advertising campaign [Video file]. Retrieved from

Comments (3)

  1. Or use Generic instead of Film and fill the Details manually. (You also still need to add the "[Video file]" to your title).
    by MILAD HAJIAMIRI on 24 Jul 2018.
  2. What does it mean by screen name when referencing a video file?
    by Summer on 23 Aug 2018.
  3. When users upload a video on YouTube they must include a 'screen name'. However, if the creator of the video's real name is known, this should be included with the screen name in square brackets.
    by Kristie Jones (Brisbane) on 23 Aug 2018.

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