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A reprint is a duplication of an original work (American Psychological Association, 2013). To reference a reprint, the publication date of the reprint is included at the start with the original date at the end of the reference.  You would reference both dates in your in-text citation.

In-text citation example:

(Confucius, 1972/500)

Reference list example:

Confucius. (1972). Confucian analects, the great learning & the doctrine of the mean (Rev. ed.).

          (J. Legge,Trans.). New York: Dover Publications. (Original work published ca. 500 AD).


If you are using Mendeley or the source is only based on a traditional source (not an exact reprint), you will need to leave the original date out of your reference. You may include this in the text of your assignment instead or in a footnote instead (for SOCQ121 students).


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