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Sometimes it can be difficult to work out the author of a webpage. Check if there is an author attributed to the section you are referencing. If you can't see an author for that section, use the provider of the website which is often an organisation. If this is not clear on the page you are viewing, check if there is an 'About us' section or check the copyright information at the end of the page.

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    I have this used information from this source, I cannot find anything more for my reference on this. I am newish to referencing, so it is probably something simple and i have just missed it (i do hope not )
    by Kiara on 19 Apr 2018.
  2. Hi Kiara,

    I would suggest not using this source as it doesn't have an author or a date, and we don't know how reputable the source is. There is a link at the top but this doesn't appear to work. It is normally better to use quality sources such a textbooks and journal articles. For some assignments, government or educational websites may also be used.

    There is a journal article of the Zuni Diabetes Project which would be more preferred source as it is also a primary research article (a study):

    Otherwise, you would need to leave out the author – the title would go first instead and you would need to reference the date as (n.d.) – no date. I wouldn’t recommend this, however.
    by Kristie Jones (Brisbane) on 19 Apr 2018.

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