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Law and legislation has it's own citation style (AGLC3) and as such, it is not easily translated into APA referencing style. For those using Mendeley, the Library has come up with following exception.

In Mendeley Desktop, choose the 'Add entry manually' option and choose the type 'Statute'. Add the year in the Year field and add the jurisdiction abbreviation in the Country field eg. Cth for Commonwealth, QLD for State etc. 

If you are referencing a direct quote, you will need to change ‘page’ in the in-text citation box to ‘section’.


In text citation - paraphrasing:

(Competition and Consumer Act, 2010)


In text citation – direct quote:

(Competition and Consumer Act, 2010, sec. 49)


Reference list entry:

Competition and Consumer Act (2010). Cth.

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