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It is normally preferred that multiple sources are used within a paragraph for an assignment. However, there may be circumstances when it is acceptable to include the same source more than once in a paragraph. In these situations, the APA style (Krupa, 2013) has the following guidelines:

1. All in-text citations that are in parenthesis eg. (Jones, 1997), must include the year every time the same source is cited within a paragraph.

2. When the author's name is included as part of the sentence eg. Jones (1997) stated..., then the year only needs to be included in the first in-text citation for that source. Any following nonparenthetical citations do not need to include the year, as long as they can't be confused with other sources in the assignment.

Here is an example that shows how to include the year in citations for a source appearing more than once in a paragraph (Krupa, 2013):

Morin (1988) described two separate but linked epidemics. . . . Morin distinguished the HIV (viral) epidemic from the subsequent AIDS (disease) epidemic, foreseeing the ultimate convergence of preventing the spread of the virus and managing the disease it causes. . . . Morin also discussed a third epidemic . . . . This third epidemic is as much a part of the pathology of AIDS as the virus itself (Morin, 1988).


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