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When referencing supplements, use the abbreviation Suppl in the issue statement. 


Taylor, C. L., & Brannon, P. M. (2017). Introduction to workshop on iron screening and supplementation in iron-

       replete pregnant women and young children. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 106(Suppl 6),



When referencing special issues, follow what is written on the journal site and include in the issue statement.


Zuraimi, M. S., Tham, K., Chew, F., Ooi, P., & Koh, D. (2011). Home air-conditioning, traffic exposure, and

         asthma and allergic symptoms among preschool children. Pediatric Allergy and Immunology: Official

         Publication of the European Society of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology, 22(1pt2), e112-e118.


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